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     About Us

Janet, A designer, Artist owner Janet's Creative Cottage formerly known as Janet's Creative Pillows which specializes in homemade products. Janet inherited her talents from both parents. Her father played music and drew caricatures.  Her mother, also an artist, could create and sew just about anything. Janet has always been passionate about art and creating. She has shown her artwork in public, but has taught teenagers the gift of creation through arts and crafts. 

At Holy Name in New York City her and her husband volunteered to teach and prepare kids for confirmation. There is where she designed a mural that all the kids participated in.  In 1990, for her wedding to Steve, an aspiring novelist, she and her mother designed all of the wedding bouquets, pillows and even the decorations. 

She is a stay at home mom for both of her children, Laura and Michael. She decided to move with her family from New York City to Florida in 2001. Her love for creating provided inspiration one day while watching a show on tv which was about stay at home moms who became inventors. So one day while she was looking at one of her daughter’s dresses, and had an idea. 


Wouldn’t it be great to turn her daughter’s dress into a keepsake pillow that she could have to remember as well as for decoration? As she began this idea, more and more inspirations became pillows, and she was off and running creating purses, dolls and so much more. 

Her main goal is to share the talent God has given her, to inspire and to be able to help those who need it. She feels that if by some small measure she has given something that has brought joy into someone’s life, then that is the all she can ever ask for.


Her favorite Bible verse has always been..With God All Things Are Possible.

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