Hello Everyone and Happy March!

I hope that you are all doing great. I say this all the time, but where does the time go? I feel as if New Year's was just here and now poof! It's March. I don't know about you, but I think that this is a lovely time of the year. It means that flowers will bloom and birdies will chirp to their hearts' content. Before you know it, St. Patrick's Day and Easter will be here.

With so much negativity in our world, it's hard to focus on the good things that are happening around us - but try not to let anything get to you. It's just not worth it. I feel that God is our protector above all. If you ask him for help, he will answer as long as you have faith in him. Trust him and of course his loving son Jesus. I seriously don't know what I would do without God and Jesus. I believe that prayer can move mountains and God will hear you.

I feel terrible that I haven't sent out a blog post in a while. Hope you can all forgive me. I really have been busy. So much going on in my life, but all is good. Janet's Creative Cottage has new upcoming things happening in the horizon. I will share soon. ;)

Today I want to share a few photos that some of my customers were so kind enough to send me with my dolls in them. So sweet.

This is from Catherine Mattes who ordered several custom made dolls for every holiday and she also ordered a Heart Pillow for her sister. I am flattered that she wanted me to create so many dolls for her. Thank you, Catherine!

Here is the Valentine's Day Doll and a red heart for her sister...

Easter Doll...

Halloween Doll with a Black Kitty.....

Thanksgiving Dolls....

Catherine did order a Christmas doll too, but I can't find the photo! aak! Will find it and share.

2. Next I want to share a photo from Teri Choate Davis. A very sweet lady who sent me a photo of one of may Christmas Ornament Dolls in her lovely collection. Thank you, Teri!

3. This photo is from Judy Gioia, who bought some of my heart ornaments and put it on her Valentine's Day tree. I love that she uses this tree for every holiday. Such a cute idea. Thank you, Judy!

It's such a good feeling to have wonderful customers like these. Thank you so much!

But that's not all...

Here is a photo of my latest doll ornaments with St. Patrick's Day in mind. Hope you like them and if you want one, they are listed in my shop...www.janetscreativecottage.com

Hope you like these green dollies! And in honor of March, I would like to offer everyone a

15 % off coupon. Use promo code: HelloMarch3 Good starting now until the end of March!

Until next time...

Have a wonderful week!



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Hello Sweet Friends!

I hope that you had a wonderful summer and are already enjoying the fall. I'm still in hurricane season here in Florida, but hopefully we will make it to the end of November when hurricane season is over without any worries. I have been very busy, but then what else is new? Which is good, but time just seems to roll by way to fast for me. This is life. ;)

So fall has begun and I am guessing that many of you have put your summer clothes away and have begun to decorate or at least get into the spirit of fall. I don't know about you, but I just love the smell of pumpkins. Makes me want to sit by a fire place and have hot chocolate.

By the way, do you love dolls? Or like dolls? I can't ever get enough of them. I know many people out there think they are creepy, but not me. They will forever remind me of my happy childhood. My mom collected dolls when she was little and when she got older too. I guess it rubbed off on me. I have a collection of different dolls and love displaying them in my home. And I am deeply humbled that Joyce Greenholt, Editor of Dolls Magazine (http://www.dollsmagazine.com) has once again published two of my dolls in the October 2019 issue. What a honor to be among so many talented doll makers. If you love dolls or know someone who does I highly recommend this magazine. It would even make a great gift for someone during the holidays.


Here is the cover of the October 2019 issue....

And here is the page where my dollies are. :)...The purple witch and the red and black witch on the top right are the two published. Hope you like them. :)


If the link doesn't work copy and paste onto your browser. But hopefully it does work. :)

I have many new items for sale so please do stop by my shop and take a peek. I also wanted to let you know that I am currently selling my handmade products at Amazon Artisan Handmade.


If this link doesn't work type my company name and handmade artisan next to it and it should come up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my long blog post. I would like to offer you a 15% off coupon on any item in my shop.

Use promo code: fallfun23 9/30/19 good until 11/11/19

Have a wonderful week and will post again asap.



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