This is a hand-stamped flour sack towel. It isn't  perfectly ironed out so you get a vintage feel to it. This towel is white and has 4 sweet black and white stamped bunnies on along the bottom front of the towel. The bottom of the towel has pretty white and light blue lace trim . The towel also has pretty light blue satin ribbon bows with mini white roses. 

Towel measures: 32 " long (from the top to the bottom of the trim) x 30" wide. This towel is soft, 100% white cotton.

Bunnies Flour Sack Towel

  • Flour Sack Towel is not really intended to be used as a dish towel, Beyond straining, flour sacks can be used to cover bowls to protect contents from summer insects and curious animals. We also rub one with flour and use it to line a basket for rounds of rising bread. A clean flour sack also makes a pretty lining for a bowl of hot dinner rolls or a plate of cookies. Flour sack towels are very absorbent too. 

  • You can rinse the towel out in the sink and throw them in the wash. The weave is tight enough that it can hold up to a heavy wash cycle, and the towels come out as good as new. But remember that when you wash them, don’t use fabric softener. If you do, they won’t be as absorbent.

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