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This is a gorgeous hand made heart. It is white with lots of pretty embellishments. It has 4 hearts on the front. Each heart is unique. One has a lovely lady with a crochet crown. She has pink hair and the heart has pink lace trim. There are mini pink and hot pink roses as well. The second heart has beautiful rose fabric with white crochet trim and mini pink and hot pink roses. The third heart has the word Love in the center and pink and hot pink roses all around it. The fourth heart is pink with white lace trim. It has the words "Queen of Hearts" in the center. On the top there are two mini roses which are light pink and hot pink and the same on the bottom.

The top of the heart has a sheer bow with mini hearts and the bottom of the heart has a lovely pink ribbon bow with mini roses. The heart also has off white lace trim all around it. And finally this heart has a lace handle so you can display it. Definitely one of a kind. :)

Valentine's Day-Queen of Hearts Pillow