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This is Judy Gioia,her family and two adorable cats!. She has ordered many different items from my shop and was so sweet to have sent me photos of how she decorated her home. (Below)


Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Beautiful family!


“Janet’s creations bring a smile to my face because they each have a personality! She puts thought and care into each item and it shows! I not only personally enjoy decorating with them for different seasons, I also try to think of ways to incorporate them in my own creations to bring those little personalities to life!

Please visit Victoria Araj of Woodward Wreath Company,Etsy  Her creations are fabulous!

halloween wreath by victoria araj.jpeg

Words fail to express the immense joy I feel on seeing the package from Janet's Creative Cottage. The free pillow came as such a pleasant surprise!

And the thank you note was so touching, when I should be the one thanking you, Janet, for the amount of love and dedication you put into creating these by hand! I would not have them any other way. They're that perfect!

May you continue to create such treasures and bring smiles to your customers. You create the most precious and at the same time most affordable and artistic items ever.

Other products are half as good and cost twice as much! I'm so glad I stumbled onto your work!

P.S. the photos really don't do justice.:-)

"Apala Ghosh, India" 

Sophia and Janet's Creative Cottage look a like doll.

 This is Sophia, a beautiful little girl with gorgeous brown eyes. She has a wonderful mom, Arielle, whose friend Lorraine has watched Sophia once a week since she was 6 months old. Lorraine feels blessed to have Arielle and her Sophia in her life and wanted something special for her birthday so she asked Janet's Creative Cottage to create a doll that looks just like her. Upon receiving the doll, she claimed, "She's beautiful. I love the doll's hair!" We were very happy to create this doll for Sophia and hope she enjoys it for years to come.

These pretty photos are from one of our favorite customers named Mary Blake in Perrysburg, OH

Hi Janet,I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived and I LOVE everything !!  The little mint bunnies are SO adorable, and you included so many beautiful details !!  I have pink flowered antique bowls with a bit of pink Easter grass and decorated eggs (many of which are yours!), and I put the bunnies right next to them.   It looks perfect !!   Thank you so very much for the gift of the lovely little hanging pillow with the Victorian couple.  It’s absolutely beautiful and it was so kind and generous of you to send it to me.I appreciate it so much. I have it hanging from the knob of one of my antique cabinets and it looks so pretty.

Last, but certainly not least, I can’t believe how beautiful the shabby pink pumpkin is !!   It’s everything I love – pink, flowered, pearls, lace !!!   It’s absolutely gorgeous and even prettier than in the picture.  One of the floral materials that you used even matches one of my pillows that I have in my living room!   The picture didn’t do it justice !!   I can’t wait to put it out as soon as fall arrives !! 

You are incredibly talented and it’s obvious that you put so much care into everything you make.  If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to part with any of these beautiful creations !!  At least you can know that they are going to someone who truly enjoys them and appreciates their beauty.     

Thank you again and have a happy Easter !!

Mary Blake, Perrysburg OH

This photo is from Becky Geiger who collects food pillows ordered a few of our vegetable and fruit pillows

Hi Janet: 

Attached is a picture of my candy pillows with the grapes and tomato. I got the grapes today.  I love them, and they fit well with the other pillows. As you can see, they fit very nicely into my collection.

Becky Geiger Arlington, VA

Dear Janet,
I purchased the My Lips Are Sealed Red pillow for my Queen Boobala, because every time I called her at the end of our conversations and it was time to hang up, she would say give me a kiss. This happened on a continual basis, and I would have to give her a kiss through the phone, because she wasn't completely satisfied until she heard the sound of a kiss. I guess it all stems from when I'm home. Before we would go to bed, regardless of how the day went or maybe if  were upset with one another, we would always give each other a goodnight kiss.
Since she always wanted a kiss, I thought I will do something sweet for my wife. The first thing I did was send the typical box of chocolates in shape of some lips that only sufficed for less than a week,. My wife would still want her kiss. I knew I had to do something a little more spectacular, something with a little more flair, something that would constantly remind her of my love and the kiss we shared. I looked for something that would always bring a smile to her face, and that's where Janet's Creative Pillows came in. Like any good soldier that is deployed, if you want or need something that is hard to find, you search the Internet. I surfed the net for the perfect pillow, the one that would produce the kind of effect that I thought my wife needed and desire,d and after taking some time out each day for three days Janet's Creative Pillows  had exactly what I was looking for. Again, I am thousands of miles away so I had to be certain that what I was purchasing met my intent for my wife, and it certainly did. My wife loved the pillow and the staff at Janet' s Creative Pillows went the extra mile and brought a card and wrote my thoughts on it, my wife even commented on how beautiful the card was written. Up to this point she jokingly states she can wait until I redeployed and now if she needs a kiss from me she will lay her head on the pillow and imagine me kissing her.
Just so you know about me , I've been married for 12 years and have three lovely children, Victoria 11, Little Victor 8, and Verron 3. I was born, raised, and graduated from high school (Cardinal Hayes) in the Bronx. Attended New York Tech in Central Islip (Long Island) New York for 2 years. Went on active duty after that, and have been serving for 19 years. I am currently assigned to the 101ST Airborne Division (Air Assault), 1ST Brigade Combat Team, Ft. Campbell, Ky. I deployed as the First Sergeant for A/2-320TH Field Artillery, my current assignment is the Battalion Operations Sergeant for 2-320TH Field Artillery "BALLS" Battalion.  Thanks again for the pillow ! 

Victor L. Greene, MSG, (Master Sergeant), US ARMY
Forward Deployed, Iraq 

My mom got me this pillow for my birthday and I just love it!  Pink is my favorite color and it's the shag kind that I wanted. Janet made it exactly as my mom had asked and was even doing this through Hurricane Rita! Now that's dedication to getting the job done. If you want quality work with a personal touch, no one can do a better job than Janet and her helpers: They are fantastic!

Haley & Karen Luken - Ohio

Janet - Wow, I could hardly wait to call you or email. I am so pleased and very happy with the pillow. I received it today and left a message on your voicemail....It was truly breathtaking. Please tell Janet, God bless and I love it!!!!  You are wonderful, God has truly blessed you and your work was a blessing to me and will be a great memory for all whom I call "Mother" this Mothers Day!

 Brittney Ward - Port Saint Joe, FL



I just wanted to say thank you from my granddaughter. She and her friends just love the pillow. My friends do as well.  I took a digital picture and sent it to a few of my friends who have granddaughters .They are in awe of this pillow. Kristin put it on her bed that night. She said," it is NEAT.. " She was 11 on June 20 and it arrived in time..  I won't forget the speed in which you accommodated my request.

 Marie Romano - Bangor, PA

Thanks for the pillows !

Here are two pictures of her. One really highlights the pillow.


She was being very silly in that one, trying to look like she was wearing it. In the other she was holding it.

She LOVED it. It was a big hit with her. Thanks so much!

Marie - New York

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